A Tested and Proven Expert


I am an accomplished person, on so many levels
I know what is best for everyone
I can give you the perfect advice
Even for things I havnt even heard or tried before
But I know the right solution for every problem
The right way out of every mess
I am indeed the best person you can come across when you are down with a problem
I promise to listen without judging
You can cry on my shoulder and cuss all you want
Blame the world, the God and the universe
I will join you and make it fun too.
Sympathy, empathy, apathy
I have it all.
But its a totally different story
When it comes to my life and my decisions
I make mistakes everytime
Even in those things which I must have done a hundred million times
I get lost on the same way that I walk every day
I often end up making a fool of myself
Even when I know the best thing for me is to shut up and sit quiet

The secret of my expertise is no longr a secret!
All the mind blowing advice
Comes from sheer experience of bad decisions for self
So, you can always count on it.
Its tested and proven.


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