In a long distance relationship now

meCrap… can you believe my luck?! My team and seat got shifted. Just when he started to notice me and my “looks”. Now I cant even see him properly. And it would be bad if I walked by his bay too many times. It would be like the obvious obvious. Lol…

So, in my new place I sit and try to work aaaand dream about my crush in the chaos around me. Because I am surrounded my team which comprises of a loud female, an even louder male, three other bearable females, a completely silent male, and a fresher, who keeps jumping as if she has springs on her legs. Can you believe the combination…All in one…




Now you know my team…

But, once in a day, the hero walks this side of my bay, to meet a senior or to get water or any bizarre purpose, I don’t know. I am just glad that he comes this side. I imagine that it is to see me, for he does look at me! And that makes my day. And the rest of the time, its a constant attempt to strain my neck over the cubicle wall to see him. I feel like I am having long distance relationship with him…

I wish… (sigh…)

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