A student of love and life

study-7859Ever since you left
I have been learning
New things about life and relationships
Things are very different
People are weird and kind
Its only now I realize how much I didn’t notice when I was with you
How the world changed
When I lost my heart to your laugh
When I lost every fight and let you win
When you walked away and I forgot how to…

Its sad to keep writing about the same thing..
The loneliness and pain and the loss..
I don’t want to.
But, right now, I don’t have anything else to write about
I am yet to learn to be happy again
So, I write what I know
Exhausting all the stored-up sorrow
To give space to smiles, joy and new people and friends

One day soon
I will be happy again
I will learn to think of you without feeling the ache in my heart
I will learn to trust and love again
I will live again…


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