Fifty times and more…


How much more cheesy and soppy and silly can I get? Uffff…

I read this book named Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise accidentally nearly 5 years ago. Its just a normal love story. I am sure there are thousands more like that. But I absolutely… absolutely adore and love this book.

I have read this book nearly fifty times or more. I don’t know… I lost count. Every time I feel the same romance, the same love, the same sweetness in my heart. Over time, I think I have adopted a lot of the characteristics of the lead female character. Every time I read, I feel like its me who is falling in love, all over again.

This book has also saved me a lot of times from going insane. Maybe that is why I like this book so much. It has never failed to lift my moods from the pit to the clouds.. It makes me grin like a 14-year old teenager thinking about her first crush in school. It makes me smile and gives me hope. It makes me happy. I don’t think I will ever be bored of it.


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