Only if…

imaginationAn image in mind
More real than the reality
He does not have a face
But he sure does have character
With virtues and flaws.
And that is why I love him so much.

He gets a different habit, appearence and feature
Depending the book I read, or movie
And occasionally because of a person in my real life.
He knows what I like best
And what hurts me the most
He know how to make me laugh
And turn me wild.
He is romantic and handsome
Kind and compassionate
And a lot funny
He runs into the woods with me
And traces shapes in the cloud
He is proud to express his feelings
Humble to admit his mistakes
He makes me cry
But always also allows
To wipe my face on his shirt too.

Only if my imagination was not so vivid
Only if my expectations were a little less
My heart settle for a guy, in this real world.
But I want this one…
Or some one like him…
Even a ghost of someone like him…

But… am afraid I wont find.
Because such men always exist only in imaginations.


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