Forgotten potted plant













Like the forgotten potted plant
Near the window in a house full of people
I sit solemnly in a corner in the office
And watch life pass by.

Once in a while,
when I happen to strike a conversation with someone
I feel like, accidentally, someone spilled water into the plant
Just a little moisture in the dry parched mud.

People swish past me
Discussing business, salary and promotions
Sometimes flaunting their new dresses
Sometimes giggling to secret jokes
Sometimes tired and frustrated
Sometimes lost in thought
They don’t see me
And I feel again
That I am like a potted plant in the corner
Which neither has flowers nor smell.

Often I can see the questions in their eyes
Is she normal?
How can she work like this?
How can she sit so long in one place?
Why doesn’t she talk?
Is she normal?
I can hear them sigh and think,
“Ohh.. such a depressing soul…”
It makes want to run out of the door screaming
I am sure, there might be times,
Even the potted plant by the window
Must have felt like jumping out into the world
In search of a new life.

But I am glad to be
The potted plant by the window side
Self sufficient
Away from the drama and malice of corporate life
I am still green and I can breathe.
On the other side of the window
I can see the flowers, the sun and the sky

What does it matter if they don’t see me?
I see lot many things which they don’t
I am alive in a way they are not.


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