Maybe yes… Maybe not…

maybeHe’s been on leave for many days now
Leaving me to struggle each day to come to work
There is no adrenaline rush
No excitement nor anticipation
I strain my ears the whole day
To pick up any news about him
Somebody said marriage! and my heart broke.
Turned out it was a prank. (sigh…)
Then heard that he went abroad for a vacation.
Mmmm…. an international vacation with him.
Mouthwatering, sort of…lol…
I am already blushing.
I would love to go anywhere
Even till the end of this world with him.
Wonder, If he thinks about me…
What if he too is wondering,
From somewhere far, maybe on a beach on a starlit night
If she was with me…
Oh Lord…
What if he is also eager to come back
What if the attraction is mutual
Silent, but strong.
What if he too is searching for an excuse
A reason to talk to me…
What if he is also feeling the same electrifying pull
That awareness of each other when we are near
What if he is also watching me…
Maybe he is
Or maybe he is not…


Want to know who he is? Go here.


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