Thankless Soul


I never wanted you to praise me.
I didn’t do things for you to hear that
But, I sure wanted you to acknowledge and recognize.
Why is it that I cant remember
Even one instance where you even thanked me?
For all the big and small things I did for you.
thank uSome you asked, some I did on my own
Some were forced, while some just happened.
Because, somebody had to do it.
Our relationship was not one that required thanks and sorry. Agreed.
But it hurt, when all the efforts went unnoticed and unappreciated.
All you did was sit back and watch
When all was said and done
You pick out flaws and accuse.
You always know a better way.
Then, why don’t you ever do anything?
Of course, you have praised me
In front of all your hundred million friends.
In front of all the world,
Time and again you said what a lucky guy you were
For having me by my side
But, never did you say a kind word when we were alone.
I gave my best, always.
I longed for that one look of appreciation.
You didn even have to say it aloud.
But, it never came.


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