An impossible craving

Is it possible to crave a person?
I don’t know about others…
But I do.
An uncontrollable feeling inside my heart
Pulls me closer and closer to you
It is never enough, no matter how many times I see you
and I talk to you
I am left with a need for more.

craveSometimes it is like those midnight cravings
For chocolates and creamy pastries.
That makes my mouth water
Nothing, but that particular thing can satisfy me.
There are just no substitutes.

Sometimes, its a longing.
Like you need to see the bright sun
After many stormy rainy days
To lift the soul from a dispirited mood
And pull me up from deep deep darkness
And show the better side of life

This craving for you;
Its a hunger
Its an ache
Its a want
Its a need
A burning desire

I need you, to stay alive.
But, Do you?


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