I hate being strong

This is wonderful….


There is no place for innocent
As being strong was the new trend

So either burn it or bury it down
Were the only choices she’d own

She wore pride as if guard
& hope adjusted her crown

Literally scratched the sky
Without her forefoot leaving the ground

But every time she met the conditions
The expectations were changed

What she loved was forbidden,
To be sacrificed & even got claimed

Deprived of hope, she demanded a reason
Isn’t it the way, why it all went in vain?

You were too good for it or
They were not good enough for you
We put only those on this way
We are sure of can get through

Then i shall rather stay weak
Wait for braves to lose or leave
Won’t mind to beg or weep
At least this way i have all i need

Now i know
There is no…

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