I will see him again tomorrow


I check the time in the clock. Its 10 15 am. He is still not in the office. Why is he late? Did he over-sleep? Or is he stuck in the traffic? Oh God! Is he on leave today? Work from home? God forbid… did something happen to him on the way? Fell down from the bike?
My imagination gets worse by the minute. I fret in my seat. I keep looking at the door every two minutes.

Its 10 50.
Its 11 10.
Its 11 20.
Its 11 22.
Its 11…

The thought of time vanishes as he walks in through the glass door. A sigh of relief escapes me. Thank God! He is safe. He is here.

I can see him talking and laughing with his friends. Telling them about his weekend. Recounting some lewed jokes. He is happy on a Monday morning. Watching him smile, makes my Monday a lot better.

Throughout the day, inbetween the clicks of keyboard and mouse and friendly banter of collegues, I strain to hear his sound. That heavy bass, that luxurious and easy laugh. It makes me want to snatch it away from his lips and swallow.

He is up and walking around. I look up. Our eyes meet for a second. I look down immediately. I feign to be busy in my work. Inside my heart is thumping so badly. I am afraid he can hear it. He is standing not that far from me. Ohh his eyes…! They are just normal pair of eyes… But its alive with some wild fire, which I cant help but notice. It makes me want to see the fire, the stars and the sea reflected in his eyes. It makes me want to make them gleam and burn in passion. My imagination goes out of control again. Ooopssss…

Its late. Its time to go back to room. He is still here. Packing his bag. I pack mine to match his pace. We leave together from office. I keep a blank face. Inside, my heart is doing a sexy tango. We are in the lift together. Ohhh my dear.. This is the best Monday ever… He has to go down to -1. I get ready to get out of the lift before that. For the last time for the day, I look up to his face again. He smiles at me. I smile back and leave the building, grinning like a fool.

I’ll see him again tomorrow.


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