One hell of a dream

The dead body was lowered into the pit.
The undertaker climbs out.
The crowd of people;
Some crying, some bored
Some paient and some indiffernent,
Gathers around and drops a handful earth
on then coffin
coffinWishing the deceased peace and heaven.
As the trench fills in with more dirt.
The body inside the coffin squirms and coughs, panting for breath
Chanting; I don’t want to die
I don’t want to die.
Screaming; Help me up
I am not dead
No, I am not dead yet.
In between the struggle to get out of the mud,
It notices movement around
There are worms slowly emerging
From the mud walls
Creeping into the coffin
Ready to feast on the fresh corpse
Squiggly wiggly yellow and brown
The grim creatures inches towards their feast.


God!!! I wake up.
Sweating and panting.
Bloody hell… It was a DREAM!
It was one hell of a dream…


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