You are empty without her

red woman

Infirm, you say.
And yet you seek her hand
Unable to climb up the mountain.
Weak, you called her.
Yet you draw strength from her will power.
Slender, too slender you exclaimed.
Yet you craved for her heat.
Feeble; you said and laughed.
Yet you run to her in search of solace.
You took away everything, Incapacitated her.
But you still come to her in your need.
Crippled, you tied her hands and legs.
You gagged her.
But you still sought her words;
Talked to her through her eyes.
Delicate; you accused her.
Yet you yearned her affection.
The all encompassing compassion.

It is you that is frail and not her.
Because, You are empty without her.

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