The real nightmare

You know what is the real nightmare?

It is what is happening right before our eyes, in our life. This generation of people can not go out in the sun. Why? Because there is a hole in the Ozone layer, which is letting in all the harmful sun rays. The sun is getting hotter an hotter with each summer. We are no longer getting tanned. Instead, we are getting burnt. Literally… There are heat strokes everywhere. People and animals are dying.

We cant eat anything either. Tell me, which food is safe? All fruits and vegetables are soaked in pesticides and chemicals. We need to soak it in vinegar for over night, wash it again and again and then use it. By that time whatever good is left in that will also be washed off. Lets not even start talking about processed food items. Everything is cancerous. Everyday there are atleast 4 reports from research teams warning us about what to eat and what to avoid.dead-earth

What about water? Or, should I ask, where is water? If we human beings are so deprived of water, think about the animals… We can buy water as long as we have money. But those innocent creatures are suffering for our reckless greed and avarice.

We cant breathe either. Oxygen in cans are already available. Living on this earth will be… what shall I say.. I don’t have words…

They say there are three worlds. Heaven, Hell and Earth. But soon there will be only Heaven, which I am not sure if it exists; and Hell-above Earth and below Earth.

What do we have to give the future generation? Heaps of garbage? Constructions? Polluted water? We cannot go back and correct. I don’t believe we can stop the damage either. It can only be slowed down.

If every human tries to save a little of this world; then there is hope for Earth.

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