Do you know her?

stormLook at her…
Do you know her?
She is just an ordinary girl.
Average in looks and status.
She is not the one to catch your eyes in a crowd.
She goes about doing her work.
Sometimes she does the work of others too.
She is compassionate and kind.
She gives you the time, even when she doesn’t have time for herself.
She is soft as a feather.
She is everything that every girl wants to be.

But they don’t let her be.
The more she blends in the crowd, evil eyes pick her up and strips her bare.
They judge her and rants about how plain she is.
The more she keeps to herself, they pull her to the center of the circus.
Dissects her words and probes her thoughts.
Afraid of her open mind, they blames her of lose character.
She helps others. Ohh.. they see it as a sin.
She is doing it to attract attention; and call her the fallen woman.
They scratch her and hurt her.
They slam her and hit her.
She silently lives the life no girl ever wants to live.

But you don’t know her.
She is stronger than iron and harder than steel.
She wont bend that easily.
She wont be cowed before your whims and fancies.
You will wither before the storm in her eyes.
She will not quit.
She will fight back with sheer courage; without hands or nails or any other weapon.
This is not a war.
But the last win will be hers.

That girl… isn’t that you?



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