November 11th 2006

happy-hug-day-2016-romantic-wallpapersI don’t think I followed any grammar or syntax or any of the language rules. I am not sure if it has a proper flow either. But this is what exactly I felt. Exactly as I remember.

November 11th 2006

It was a long time ago. I know
I was restless and reckless
There was nothing more I wanted than you
No hunger no thirst no sleep
It ached deep in my heart
To stay away from you
I died each moment to live long enough to be with you.
But November 11th 2006 was different
It was the day I was burnt, forever
You crossed the gate and walked in with a purpose.
Stealing glances at each other in the crowd
Stealthy touch and caresses, Oh God!
We were so much in love.
My heart was beating so fast
That I know you heard it too
Your eyes invited me and I followed
The world was just a little away making merry
But you and me
Entered a different universe then
Enclosed in your arms, I knew bliss
In that tiny room, that smelled of
Politics and arguments
We found love
I wanted more of you
All of you.
I can still recall the actual moment
When your lips touched mine
All soft and pink and moist
Sent shivers all through my body
My heart so naive, but tongue so bold
I remember how your breath hitched
As we learned each other.
Though it was only for a moment,
I know it was our moment of Forever
So pure and magical.
I know you also believe the same.
Even long after the magic ended
And things became real.


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