Beneath the layers, at the bottom of your heart

heartWhat is at the bottom?
A little I dig to find what is hidden deep in my heart
A peek inside the layers and see what I found!

There is Regret (quite a lot… ewwww)
Guilt too. I did break a few hearts.
So many Lies…!
Not any more. I think I have said enough.
Oh look… there is Fear too.
That red thing hanging there… that’s Anger…
I don’t think it needs a place in my heart anymore.
There is a little Impatience (chuckle).
Oops!! there is that green slimy Jealousy too… yuck!
Oh dear… these are taking a lot of space… I should throw them out soon.

Surprise!!! Surprise!!! Surprise!!!
There is Happiness too…
Passion, anywhere?
Ahh..! Yes, there it is..
And hello Hope!
Wow… I wasn’t expecting you here…
There is something else, silent and still.
Apologies? No… It is Courage.
It makes me smile.
I take a deep breath and stand tall and delve deeper.
And there is Resilience, Forgiveness and Positivity.
Faith, its still there.
Thank God for that…
I thought I lost it completely
And see what I found?
Oooo…. Sensuality! How about that… (blush blush)

Of course, you had to be there.
My Humour sense… hahahaaa…
Without you I wouldn’t be able to survive, you know that right!
Ha haa.. some Laughter too would be nice!

Lets see some more…
How about some Strength? Yup. It’s there.
And there is Love. Lots of Love.
Enough for everyone.

See how much there is hidden inside?
Look inside yourself too.
I am sure you will be richer than me…


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