Bridging the islands

bridgeEvery human being in this city is an island.

Yes, they have wires hanging out from their ears
But they are not connected to the people around them.
They have every mode of vehicle to travel
But they dont reach out to anyone.
Face down, always, not in humility.
But staring at the illuminated screens,
Eagerly reading, writing and sharing trolls and hate mails.
No one talks to each other.
Yet every one complains of lonliness and unfriendly strangers.
Staring ahead, they calculate
The time to reach the destination
Taxes to be hidden
Bills to be paid
Profits to be made
Happiness to be bought and sold.
Agreed, everyone around you is not an angel.
But everyone is not a beast either.
Everyone is working so hard
To save enough to live later.

But what about the life now?
Why kill the time now?
Time that slips through you hand now
Will not come back ever…

Open your eyes and see
Life is here and now…
Your best friend could be sitting next to you…
You destiny might be just in front of you…
Wake up and build bridges…
Smile and shake hands…
Live now.

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