What the clouds have to say…

face-cloud-1We, the people down on the earth imagine the clouds to be so many things. Children fight wars with the shapes that float in the sky, see fire-spitting dragons, cuddle with mom, and when they grow up, they see the clouds kissing, faces of the loved or lost ones… what not…
These white fluffy floating clouds has given shape to so many thoughts, fantasies, dreams of so many people.

I wonder, if clouds had life of their own, how will they see us?
As tiny ants, always scurrying away here and there…
Do they make patterns on Earth… connect the dots of trees and people?
Wonder what they make of the vehicles in different size and shapes and colours?
What would they like the best on Earth?
How would be the view from the sky?
What will they think of the sky scrapers?
As hands reaching out to touch the clouds?
I hope they dont think of us as dirty people, seeing all the garbage heaps.
I hope they dont think of us as murderers either.
Seeing the constructions and excavations, the wars, the refugees, the lost and the dead.

What if the clouds were watching over us?
Roaming above us and seeing nothing but ugliness, hate, fight and disputes?
Collecting water droplets from everywhere as soveniers?
When it can’t stand to see anymore…
It rains.

What if it were weeping?
Talking to us through thunders
Warning us through lightening
What if it is dying asking us to be better humans…
To take care of the place we live in…


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