What happened to happiness…?


Why does everyone write of sadness?
Of pain and loss and tears and blues?
Why so many people are unhappy?
What happens to the happiness in their life?
Where does the smiles hide?
Why is it so difficult to find joy?

I am no better.
I also have nothing to tell you.
Except the stories hidden in the ruins of my heart.

I want to talk about the rainbows.
But then I remember, it never stays.
I want to talk about spring
Of blooming flowers
Flowing river and moving clouds
Of happy days and of happy times.
But then I remember,
Flowers wither
River floods
Season changes
And happy days brings more sad days.

I was not like this before.
I was happy. I had faith,
In this world… in people.
But somewhere along the way,
There were more tears than laughter
There was less hope and more misery
I made more mistakes and I forgot waht it was to be happy.
There was more regret and I felt trapped.

How to get out of this cage?
How to open my heart and pour out all the hurt?
I dont know.
I really dont know.


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