So, you have heard this story before!

So you have heard this story before!
The boy meets the girl
The girl smiles at the boy
The boy can’t hide his smile
The girl can’t hide her blush
They both think, should we talk?
The boy thinks, will she ignore I go to her? Oh God, I cant’t take that…
The girl thinks, why cant he just come and talk, Oh God, I can’t wait any longer…
The boy takes a tentative step ahead
The girl’s breath hitches up
The boy thinks again… takes a step back
The girl’s heart falls.. her eyes look down
The boy’s heart and brain quarell with each other
The girl’s eyes wells up with tears

They look again at each other…
His eyes hoping
Her eyes pleading

In that one look they fell in love
In each others arms, they found heaven and peace
In the first touch, they found the secret of life
In the first kiss, they gave each other their lives.

The boy became a man
The girl became a woman
Every day…
They loved each other more than yesterday…

old love

The man became an old man
The woman became an old woman
And they still looked at each other
With the same love and adoration
Like they are seeing each other for the first time.

The old man and woman are dead now.
But their love live on and on and on…

This maybe your story too.
But not mine.
Because in my story; Love died first.

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