Make me real

missing_you_love_hd_wallpaperNeed somebody to write letters to.
Need someone to talk to.
I need help to bring down the wall.
I need help to fill the trench outside wall.
I want someone to help me build the bridge.
I want to go to the other side…
But I don’t know how.
I am unable to gather bits and pieces,
Fallen off from myself.
I run to the edge,
But still cant take that final step.
Even when I reach out,
I still seem to be far behind.
I need a saviour.
I am scarred and moody and ugly
But I can be better…
I need someone’s faith in me.
I need some one to love me.
Care for me…
To tell me, its ok to have scars…
That I am not that bad after all.
I need someone to hold my hand
And make me real.


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