All in good time…

You left bits and pieces of wordswords
Here and there for me to find.
Your wrath, your pain
your love and faith; confusions
Lonely rare smiles…
I saw it all from far.
But I dare not look into your eyes…
My eyes are heavy with regret.
Then, you disappeared..
You stopped leaving hints..
And I searched in vain..
I waited day after day and night after night…
Now, you reappear and say,
All in good time?

From far and farther away…
I wonder what you mean…
That you have made peace?
And moved on in life?
That you are healed?
That you have found love again?
Able to trust people again?
You’ve found your heart beats again?
Does that mean, finally,the last thread that connected us
Is now severed?

Bless you…
Good for you, if all this is happening to you!
I am glad that you are finally free of the burdens
Because they have not happened for me still…
And I am still chained, in my own regrets.

Blame is on me.
The wreckage, the damage.
All that I went on to conquer are all mine.
And still I am empty.
Adrift and anchorless.
Hollow, like an empty shell.

timeSomeday later, when I find the courage to face you,
I will tell you that you were right and I was wrong.
I will agree to everything, that I vehemently denied.
That you wanted me to understand.
That day, maybe we will find friendship again.
Till then its my turn to weep and wither…
All in good time, as you say…


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